Meet Driftour.

A collection of exclusive events designed and led by some of the most interesting people in your city. 

How it Works

 Each month we curate a collection of experiences hosted by local experts and share them in your community’s Knapsack. Learn from local artists, urban farmers, coffee connoisseurs, or surprise yourself by trying something totally new. We go beyond the surface, to give you behind the scenes exclusive experiences right in your backyard.

Meet Your Knapsack.

A monthly updated dashboard where we hold all your experiences. Book Immersions that spark your interest. Can’t wait for the next immersion? Start checking out the town with self guided tours.


Book hands on group experiences hosted by your future favorite local businesses and organizations. 

Self-Guided Tours

Explore local hot spots, enjoy curated menu recommendations, and access easy to use turn-by-turn navigation to your next destination.

Join Us.

Becoming a member gives you priority access to our exclusive experiences, updates for local promotional offers, and the option to gift your Immersion spot to your friends or family.

Self-Guided Tours


Access itineraries you can follow at your own pace. Explore local spots, offers, and stories sourced directly from your community.

Staycationer Duo (Currently Not Offered)


Discover your community together. You and your plus one access unlimited Immersions every single month.

With Driftour, you’ll never run out of fun and interesting things to do right in your backyard.

Don’t love your hands on experience? Cancel whenever at no charge.

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